Photo Diary

Photo Diary /// Kristin Diable

We kick off our new Photo Diary section with a visual roadmap of New Orleans' Kristin Diable's time in Nashville.

Meet our new Photo Diary section, where we ask musicians, both local and passing through, to document their time in time in Nashville through a series of iPhone snaps. Up first: Kristin Diable, a singer out of New Orleans, whose moody vocals emote a living, breathing soul of the south with each swampy low note or high warble, laced together with melodies that conjure both visions of the dirty Delta and dirtier nights in the Big Easy. We love the way she’s able to effortlessly shuffle between jazz, roots and blues, firing up her songs with a pen that’s clearly studied plenty of Bob Dylan, unafraid to hit hard with a cutting point of view. Take the lyrics from “Water Keeps Rising”:  “Give us good schooling systems, equal opportunity,” she sings. “So the working men can keep on working and not dying from this inequity. And if this water keeps rising, we’re all going down.” We love a good tune that’s brave to make a point: set it to horns, and we’re putty in your hands.

Here’s Kristin’s Nashville Photo diary….and catch her March 10th back in town at the Basement. Click on through…

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