Nashville Five /// Sarah Jarosz

Unknown-1Austin, Texas native Sarah Jarosz released her newest album, Build Me Up From Bones, in September of 2013, and since then has etched herself a prominent spot in today’s list of folk-rock critical acclaim. The eleven-track collection rolls effortlessly between the finger picking precision of a young bluegrass prodigy unafraid to expound into electric flourish, through a beyond-her-years lyrical insight that touts the transcendence of love worn bright and weary. With a raw voice that holds the tenor of transparency, Jarosz glides easily through octaves, breathing life into her poetry. In tracks like “Build Me Up From Bones,” it bounces lightly over the steadfast trekking of an acoustic trio; in her cover of Dylan’s “Simple Twist of Fate,” it resurrects the memory of unconsummated love, in a soft and subtle, whispering surrender. Jarosz’s music remains equally in touch with the suppleness of her youth as it does with her prodigious musical skill, borne from the wisdom endowed to those gifted enough to expose it.

Jarosz is no stranger to Nashville, having recorded the record here at Minutia Studios with Gary Paczosa, and a recent artist to be featured on Music City Roots. Below is her Nashville Five, a list of unsurprisingly quality bars, restaurants, coffee shops and music venues.

By Sarah Jarosz

Rolf & Daughters – My favorite restaurant in Nashville! This place seriously fueled me and Gary Paczosa while making my last record. Try the sourdough with seaweed butter and the squid ink pasta. Great cocktails to boot!

Patterson House – Definitely my favorite place for delicious, handcrafted cocktails. The low light and red velvet curtains give the place  an old timey 1920’s  feel, and it’s open till 3 am which makes it a perfect destination after a long day in the studio.

Barista Parlor – This place is seriously rocking. Yummmmmy coffee! I usually go for a pour over or cortado. And the sausage biscuits are seriously scrumptious! Especially great when the weather is nice and the garage doors are open.

The Station Inn – One of the most historic live music venues in Nashville. I always check out the schedule when I come to town. Such a great place to listen to music, eat popcorn, and enjoy a cold brew.

Robert’s Western World – Conveniently located right across the alley behind The Ryman (my other favorite place in Nashville). You can walk into this place any night of the week and hear the best country music, and you’re lucky if you catch Billy Contreras playing fiddle.

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