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Nashville Five /// East Nashville Tonight

Elizabeth Cook takes us through her top moments from a film dedicated to the place we so proudly call home.

east_nashville_tonightA few months ago, I returned home to visit old friends and reap a dose of New York masochism; I found myself eating a cannoli on the balcony of a Brooklyn studio space, counting the building lights flickering late from the Manhattan skyline, indulging a group of artists in their conversation about a faded canvas, hanging ten-feet high, baring only the words, “WASH ME.”

That was the moment I realized the true and unavoidable fact I had for so long buried from my uppity, northeast ego: I belonged in East Nashville.

A conglomerate of charming artistry ranging from Nashville’s outlaw country roots to the burgeoning independent music scene, East Nashville is quite possibly one of the most popular spots for any aspiring creative in the country today; it buzzes with the kinetic energy of a populist movement, honing musical creation in a collaborative spirit, a la the patrons of Café Wha? in an early 1960’s Greenwich Village. Most importantly, it still applauds the inner stories of true artistic inspiration; East Nashville is not an ode to the robotic name-dropping of a post-2013 hipster-elite. It is an ode the drugs, the booze, and the sex- the three staples of any promising artistic community.

The Barnes Brothers discover this in their documentary “East Nashville Tonight,” starring Elizabeth Cook and Todd Snider, and featuring a host of touring musicians, including Chuck Mead, Kevin Gordon, Amanda Shires, Turbo Fruits. Though they initially set out to film a documentary about the lives of Cook and Snider, drugs and booze quickly stepped in; the result is a wondrously humor-filled and inspiring depiction of our thriving artist hub.

The Belcourt Theatre will premiere “East Nashville Tonight” this Monday night, with a special performance by Elmo Buzz and The Eastside Bulldogs, featuring Snider and Cook. After the debut, Bond360 brings this inspiring film directly to consumers. Bond CEO Mark Schiller says of it, “It’s a wonderfully crazy film that embraces the East Nashville spirit that is easily the hottest place for music in the country right now.”

Below, read Elizabeth’s Cook’s Five Favorite scenes from the film, and check out http://eastnashvilletonight.com for more details on how to receive this inspiring homage to the place we call home.

By Elizabeth Cook

1 – Well for one, in the opening scene, it was scary when Paul was rolling down the hill at Shelby and barely missed a branch!

2 – Its an action film really, since Todd not only does karate, but also in a flash, demonstrates a stage move, a cheerleader move to Elvis, how to not close a door, and how act chill at a drug dealers house. (The 3-D version will accentuate these scenes better. )

3 – I enjoy the jackhammer song.  There are some really great players in East Nashville.

4 – I love Tim singing After The Hurricane while I’m wearing his jeans.

5 – I pretty much nailed the fragrance commercial.

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