Happenings /// Our Lou Reed Tribute at the Stone Fox [PHOTO GALLERY]

HPPaLlf3hgmeDpffwKo0L6hi_FYPn899c7KPIA1UMPYlZHfdM5-PaUrgF7zRSxSkpg=w985-h500On Monday night, we spent the evening with some of our favorite Nashville musicians, listening to them pay tribute to one of our, well, all-time favorite musicians: Lou Reed. Escondido, The Weeks, Alanna Royale, Diamond Carter, Kim Logan, *repeat repeat and Twiggs took the Stone Fox stage to offer amazing, chill-inducing renditions of Lou & the Velvet Underground tunes like “Heroin,” “Viscous,” “Perfect Day,” “Waiting For the Man,” “Who Loves the Sun” and “Run Run Run.”

Click though the gallery below, and read our thoughts on Lou here. Photos by Amber Davis.

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Marissa is the editor of Lockeland Springsteen.

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