Nashville Five

Nashville Five /// Sol Cat

The local psych-rockers give their definitive five-days-a-week guide to Nashville (drunken) nightlife.

1239488_536494099755877_1058637267_nThere are times, more often than not, that I aim to resurrect the loose nights; those nights when my feet were stained in ash and basement grime, when I was living in a two-block radius of Baltimore mayhem, dancing on the roofs of apartment complexes, stumbling over Natty Bo cans in alleyways, sleeping in random rooms as soon as the sun walked into the party.

Though I still try to live a life free from obligation, (commitment is monochromatic, and an unbecoming palette to an artist’s pastel wayfaring), my deviation from responsibility is now a concept found mostly in my mind. As we get older, the system soaks us up, heats us into pruning and shriveled souls often none-the-wiser, and makes us pay our bills to reflect a decent credit score.

I assume I have a horrible credit score.

So, in an effort to remain alive in the night, with unadulterated confidence in my childlike wonder, I find myself turning to the music of Sol Cat– a band of longhaired hypnosis adorned in grime. The experience of listening to Sol Cat (especially live) is akin to falling victim to the best kind of sorcery; when Brett Hamman sings “I need you to never let my feet touch the ground” in “Fishin’ With John,” suddenly, a sea of chic urban feet levitate above the floor, ever so slightly, supported by the sultry beat and bass line.

Below is Sol Cat’s Nashville Five: A Guideline to the Nashville Nightlife. Though I am swiftly entering the age of “too old” to meet the bubbling expectations of this list daily, it is the crux of my aspirations, a foreign land to which I long to return, evoked in the seductive sounds of Sol Cat’s music.

By Sol Cat

1. Monday. We know what you’re thinking. Let’s go boogie down at the 5 Spot! No, let’s not. If your weekends are anything like ours you’ll probably need a day of rest before the week really starts rolling along. However, a day of rest is not the same thing as a day of sobriety. Head on down to The Stone Fox and join us for a game of bingo. The drinks are choice, the vibe is smooth, and there’s no doubt that you’ll find someone foxy to spend your time with. (editors note ::: Monday, 11.11, come for early bingo and stay for our Lou Reed tribute).

2. Tuesday. Great things come in pairs. In Nashville you can find a two-for-one deal on drinks any night of the week. Although, on Tuesday, you can double your pizza slices as well. You can head down to Mafiozas to take advantage of this wallet saver, but before you do heed our warning. If you go to Mafs on a Tuesday you’re gonna have a bad time. Trust us on this one.

3. Wednesday. We typically find ourselves over at Neighbors on a Wednesday night. Drinks are cheap, the people who show up are more than down to have a good time, and boy are those quesadillas great! Tell Nikki that Sol Cat sent ya!

4. Thursday. If you’re a natural born superstar but still don’t hear the labels calling, you can relieve some of that awesome with a little karaoke. Santa’s Pub is the place for you. We couldn’t be happier to see the success that the bar has gained in the last few years, but boy is it crowded. Thursday seems to be best night to sing some tunes before the weekend shows up and the tv stars hog the playlist in hopes to prove that they have some actual chops.

5. Friday. It’s the end of the week and you’ve run the gambit with ol’ Sol Cat. Time to get cozy. Call some friends, grab some growlers, and spin a few of your favorite records. After all that fun, nothing feels better than the finer things. Crank up that stereo and get the cronies groovin. A few bands that have been hitting the spot lately are Poolside, Dent May, and Rhye. Diggity do.

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