Nashville Five

Nashville Five /// Friday the 13th with D. Striker (Are you ready?)

Are you ready?

dsEvery Friday the 13th, D. Striker (known to some as Jeff Meltesen) throws the RR Party – and this fine night is no exception (happening tonight at the 5 Spot). Read on to see if you are ready, and if this particular Friday might be a lucky one for you. Let us know how you score…or if you score…

By D. Striker

Launched 1998, RR is a ‘zine dedicated to amusing its readers through the first-person telling of my own country star adventures, Nashville pop-centric commentary, and song lyrics. I have watched country music videos with George Jones, almost got in a fight with Elvis’ former bodyguard Sonny West, infiltrated the Country Dance Worlds Championships, and dream of a hot tub on the roof top of a condominium tower. That said, you won’t find me on ABC’s shiny TV series Nashville, not that I would mind a guest spot on the show. Until then, if you’re looking for a more esoteric take on Music City, mark Friday the 13th on your calendar and catch me at the RR Party. It’s going down at the 5 Spot and Chris Crofton, Ole Mossy Face and Tue Mommies are on the bill.

But before you leave home, find out how lucky Friday the 13th will be for you by taking this survey created by yours truly. Regardless of your score, if you make it to the RR Party, there’s a good chance you’ll at least go home with one of the 50 numbered ‘zines handmade by me for the occasion.

Also, here’s a track, “Country Dance Off,” from the new album we’ve been working on at Eric McConnell’s studio. This is the story from the time I crashed the Country Dance Worlds Championships. It’s not exactly finished, and it’s a quick mix. Nonetheless, the story is not going to change….

Nashville Five /// How Lucky Will Friday the 13th Be For You?

1) What best describes your look for the night?

a. Business casual Friday. But you call it Biz Cas Fri.

b. Tennis shoes and a t-shirt from your favorite band in the 90’s.

c. You look good. Snappy. In fact, you might be wearing a pearl snap western shirt. Or even a blouse. Boots or heels, you could kick some ass.


2) The plan is to see some live music tonight. But right now, it’s the dinner hour. What are you doing?

a. You’re at Beyond the Edge with friends and completely against paying a cover to see bands tonight, actually.

b. Taking shots of Fireball with a group of Green-Hills moms you just met at the Red Door.

c. Taking a nap. Saving your strength!


3) That band crushed it! Before the next one, you…

a. Head outside to smoke a cig.

b. Go pee.

c. Order a round for the band that just finished playing.


4) You’re hanging by the merch table, what are you doing?

a. Using it as a place to set your drink. Merch table? Oops.

b. Buying a CD that was made in 2005.

c. Buying a t-shirt for that special someone you’ve been talking to all night.


5). It’s last call…

a. Not for you. You just ordered a High Life for each hand.

b. You’re chatting up the lap steel player about his tube amp.

c. You’re making roses out of cocktail napkins.


The Round-up

0-3 Points

Better Luck Next Time.

Loosen up. Friday the 13th only happen between once and three times a year. Treat it like the freak occurrence it is.


4-7 Points

Lucky Duck

The bartenders were attentive and fast (you tipped them generously). You got a shout out from the band. A cab magically appeared when you wanted to leave. You have brunch plans for Saturday the 14th, too.


8-10 Points

Your Luck Runs Out at Midnight

This Friday the 13th will go down in history for you. Unfortunately, you likely won’t remember it aside from those Instagram photo bombs. And Saturday the 14th is going to be a bitch.



1. a=1, b=0, c=2

2. a=0, b=2, c=1

3. a=0, b=1, c=2

4. a=0, b=1, c=2

5. a=1, b=0, c=2

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