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Musings /// An Early Fall When There’s No Fall At All

On overthinking, change (again) and internet joy.

parkWe are waiting for fall, but, for me, the leaves changed in June. A lot has been happening in the lives of the Springsteens – me and Emily, if you will – that it seems difficult to catch up without panting. Daunting, really. In the short time that we have been running as a blog, we’ve put a lot of thought into what we are and why we do it (we do this about ourselves as well, which is why Emily and I both suffer from a high-dose case of over-thought neuroses, hers fueled by cigarettes, whiskey and too much time at the Vanderbilt Barnes and Noble; mine by sleepless nights, red wine and too much time at the Astor Place Barnes and Noble (R.I.P.), both by broken copies of Blood On the Tracks and Huis Clos and empty bags of Skittles). It’s obvious that we do this a lot, based on the sheer fact that I once wrote an entire blog post dedicated to the topic of Change and other existential crises of the html.

A little tendency to over-think things never killed anyone (well, a few painters and poets might beg to disagree) but we have always strived to do this thing, whatever it is, with purpose. Which is why you might have noticed that over time we have veered away from news listings, even recently evicting our “What’s Happening Tonight” section, because, honestly, we just didn’t feel like doing it every day, because doing it became a chore, and not a joy. Everything we write about, every musician and artist we feature here, brings some level of joy to us – as someone that took slowly to the blogosphere to begin with I eschew the urge to put mass quantities of content, for content’s sake, into the atmosphere. We won’t do that, even if it means we update the blog once or twice a week instead of once or twice a day. I hope you will enjoy and savor each blog post instead of devour and dispose.

Right now, we’re busy gearing up for Americana Fest, and honing the details on our next Lockeland Sessions video series. We’re also hard at work on the details of a photo project paying tribute to musical idols past and present. And we’re trucking forward on the pieces we love to do, like features and Nashville Five’s (look for ones this week from Tim Easton and WB Givens). In other news, big thanks to Nashville Lifestyles for including us in their Hot List issue as Hot Music Blog – it’s always a nice validation to know all those daily hits to the site aren’t just from our mothers hitting the refresh button back up in NYC.

Thanks for sticking with us Nashville.

– M

P.S. As for those changing leaves…a little hint is in the photo.

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