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Nashville Five /// Omega Swan

Meet local psych-rockers Omega Swan, and learn about their love for tacos from a converted gas station.

Omega SwanIt’s Thursday, and Emily and I took two days off of blogging to recover from Monday night’s 8 off 8th festivities – thank you to everyone who came out, it meant the world to see your pretty faces there. It was an amazing time – we were blown away by each and every band and artist who performed. I strongly urge you to become familiar with all of them: Heavy Sole, Mercy Bell, Gavin Shea, Stacey Randol, The Weakenders, The Electric Hearts, The Cultivation and Diamond Carter. We look forward to our next show, and are already cooking up another event (hint: this time on our home turf, East Nashville…perhaps, dare we say it, in Lockeland Springs).

I also spent Tuesday afternoon at City House, joined by some fellow writers, Caleb and Nathan Followill, Mayor Dean and chef Johnathan Waxman for the announcement of Music City Eats, our new food festival coming this September 21 & 22 (tickets will go on sale tomorrow). Kicking off the whole thing will be Pettyfest, a night of Petty covers by the Kings of Leon boys and many of their friends, organized (and likely featuring) Austin Scaggs, a Rolling Stone contributing editor, musician and current Nashvillian. Austin started throwing these coverfests in New York, along with my friend Johnny T, and they’re always a genious mix of nostalgia, drunkenness and expert song interpretations. I can’t wait, as anything that combines music and food is an easy route to my heart.

But back in the here and now, we’re digging up new spring/summer music, starting with Omega Swan –  a local trio whose sound mixes blues with raw, heavy rock & roll. Comprising Marcus Garceau (guitar/vocals), Mark Madison (drums) and Will Burgess (bass), Omega Swan makes music unpretentious and unafraid of acid riffs or electric spirals; their songs twist and turn while managing to chug forward in kinetic motion. Their breed of blues isn’t about swampiness or dripping with molasses – instead, it’s fused with a classic rock sense of shred, a psychedelia that is more spinning-in-circles-acid-trip than starting-at-the-sky shroom coma. It’s fun, engaged listening – perfect for the warmer seasons when you pump your backyard full of sounds that keep the neighbors up well past midnight while you flip burgers,  crack beers and crank tunes to pass the warm Tennessee nights.

They decided, for their Nashville Five, to share the Nashville locations most important and influential to them. Without further ado…

Omega Swan’s Nashville 5: The Most Influential Locations

1. Swan Lake – This is where Omega Swan started.  Some may see it as just a beat up house on Hartford Drive, but to us this is probably the most meaningful piece of real estate on earth.  Some absolutely legendary shows went down in that little one story house. Legendary.  Anyone who was there at the time knows exactly what we mean.  There was such a good energy there, parties were wild, bands were raging, the people were awesome.  90% of the friends and connections we have now were made at Swan Lake.

2. The Zombieshop (R.I.P) – Obviously the coolest venue that the world has ever seen.  We were introduced to the Nashville underground rock scene there.  Saw some WILD shows in its glory days, Ty Segall, Natural Child, Reid Magette, Couched, Blackbear & the Surf Bums.  Most of the music we listen to came out of that moped shop.  We are extremely grateful that we got to be a part of that place before they relocated to Fort Houston.  Hail Brent Jackson and the Zombieshop team.

3. Redact Studios – Our new record, OS-1, was done at a bunch of studios in town, including RCA and Oceanway, but the majority of the hours were spent at Redact Studios with our producer Edsel Holden.  By majority of the hours we mean a TON of hours.  It’s a home studio right off of 21st, and the most important thing about being in the studio is being able to feel comfortable.  Redact is one of the most relaxing places to “work.” Much love to Edsel Holden.

4. Gas Station Taco Stand @ Route 66 Nolensville – When we used to live at Swan Lake there was this gas station, Route 66, right down the road.  Inside the gas station was this little taco/burrito place that on the outside looked like one of the more sketchier places you could ever eat at.  But those tacos are heaven, especially on the days after house shows. Convenient, delicious, greasy, sketchy.  What more can you ask for?

5. Planet Rad – This is our new home.  After leaving Swan Lake (which was quite sad) we were lucky enough to upgrade to a new place where we all live together.  Although there aren’t shows at Planet Rad like there were at Swan Lake, the jam sessions that go down at that house are incredible.  So many people from different bands come through after shows, on the weekends, on their days off, and we will just make music all day.  We read a lot into energies of people and places, and the energy at Planet Rad is impeccable.  That idea of a group of awesome people that love life and music is what started our new artist co-op also called Planet Rad.  You can check it out at  Come jam sometime Ω

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