8 off 8th Spotlight /// Stacey Randol

https://lockelandspringsteen.com/2013/02/06/in-their-own-words-stacey-randol-on-nashvilles-hippie-radio/We’re hosting 8 off 8th this Monday, and to wet your musical palate, we’re bringing teasers on each of the involved bands. Up now: Stacey Randol.

Stacey Randol‘s music has that magic touch of being beautiful, soothing and calm but totally captivating all at the same time. Her voice, as it climbs and quivers perfectly from note to note, is the perfect conduit for dreamy lyrics and lush orchestration; the track “Fragile Forest” delicate but never unbreakable, and songs like “No Vacancy” mixes the moody pop sensibilities of Dido with a unique, percussive motion while “Steady Rhythm,” also the name of her 2011 LP, shows a playful take on exotic beats and a jaunty use of her wide-ranging vocals. From song to song, there’s always a surprise.

She is also a talented writer, and penned a piece for us on Nashville’s Hippie Radio.

Spend some time with “Fragile Forest,” which was inspired by our own Radnor Lake :::

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Marissa is the editor of Lockeland Springsteen.

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