8 off 8th Spotlight /// The Weakenders

425648_274524189279556_1854215857_nWe’re hosting 8 off 8th this Monday, and to wet your musical palate, we’re bringing teasers on each of the involved bands. Up now: The Weakenders. 

The Weakenders make the kind of music I want to listen to in my car at the time of day when the lighting turns technicolor, and I’m going someplace with purpose – or maybe the music will give me purpose enough. It’s rock and roll, pure and easy, done with a relaxed swagger, with influences including Tom Petty, Ryan Adams, Thin Lizzy, BRMC and Oasis.

The boys are big on singles: in fact, they released their last record, Super Major, via A/B format weekend to weekend (or, weakend to weakend?). They also brought in local mix engineer Jason Miller (The Devious Angels, Shane Tutmarc) and mastering engineer Greg Rierson (Paul Westerberg, The Cure) to work on the LP.

And lest they take themselves to0 seriously, they decided to give us their favorite Nashville burgers for their Nashville Five.

I love the trippy, dreamy composure of “It’s Alright with Me,” that’s a John Lennon moment with a southern soul. Listen up :::

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Marissa is the editor of Lockeland Springsteen.

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