8 off 8th Spotlight /// Diamond Carter

563422_501097859933471_1354421096_nWe’re hosting 8 off 8th this Monday, and to wet your musical palate, we’re bringing teasers on each of the involved bands. Up now: Diamond Carter.

Recently a Lightning 100 Artist of the Week and one of the final five contenders in the Music City Mayhem contest, Diamond Carter is a new-to-Nashville band with a veteran sound. The seven-member group uses a crooning, soprano front man, three soulful backup singers, and lively drum and saxophone solos to create a sound that straddles the border between blues, jazz, and indie-pop. If Tom Wolfe’s Electric Kool Aid Acid Test was to be translated into a musical score post-Velvet Underground, Diamond Carter would be the result.

The group possesses a tangible charisma; watching them live is akin to witnessing the more intimate moments of a play, where the audience is privy to improvised conversation. Between relatable subject matter, (booze, evil women, and the wanderer’s plight), and a catchy, well-curated sound, Diamond Carter has quickly become one of Nashville’s most promising acts.

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