Nashville Five

Nashville Five /// Shannon Whitworth

Where Shannon Whitworth stops when floating through town.


Though Shannon Whitworth hails from North Carolina, she’s spent a good deal of time here in Nashville (including tonight, where she’ll play at weekly barn-romp Music City Roots with Great Peacock, Altan, Derek Holmes, and Keller Williams and The Travelin’ McCourys). Once a member of The Biscuit Burners, she’s since moved on, often trading her banjo for a Gibson guitar and releasing three solo records – her most recent, High Tide, came out March 5th, for which she enlisted the help of Band Of Horses’ Bill Reynolds. Her songs range from poppy “LA Croix” to the familiarly acoustic “ISIS” to my personal favorite, the moody, dreamy slow-burning groove of “Don’t Lie” that manages to conjure up dusty old barns and David Lynch all in one. She effortlessly glides from one track to the next, her strong and sultry tone threading them together like a needle. Take a listen to Shannon on Soundcloud here.

We asked Shannon to divulge her own Nashville Five: Her Favorite Places to Stop By When Touring Through Town. Here we go :::

1. Ryman: This is one of my favorite venues in the world.  It is not only “the Mother Church of Country Music” but it also features most other genres of music.  It is an old and cool open-minded venue that I have had the honor of playing and singing there.  I think anyone that plays the Ryman is humbled by the energy of all who graced the stage in years past.

2. Station Inn: Another awesome venue and vibe. Great bar! JT and Lynn rock! Any night of the week you are bound to catch some of Nashville’s finest musicians in a more rootsy and acoustic format, either on stage or in the audience.

3. The Turnip Truck: When I am in Nashville often times I am recording, playing, or passing through on tour. It is important for me to eat clean and healthy all the time. The Turnip truck is a killer place that offers awesome food and groceries.

4. Grimey’s: This is one amazing record store. They have an incredible selection of new and used vinyl and cds also. I have an old Zenith Console from the late 60’s that I listen to most of my music thru at home. I love visiting Grimey’s and treating myself to a rare gem.

5. UAL:  United Apparel Liquidators is another one of my favorite stops. Not only do they have amazing duds but the folks that work there are awesome and helpful!

High Tide – Shannon Whitworth from Emilee Warner on Vimeo.

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