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Going Places /// Kelsey Waldon’s SXSW in Pictures

Because we felt the only way to properly bring you SXSW was through the eyes of someone playing, not watching (and drinking).

Squash Blossom Vintage (out of Austin) snapped this shot of me shopping at their place by The Hotel San Jose! Can’t forget about the gems you can find out here!!

Nashville after SXSW is a little bit like the first day back from spring break in high school – the halls are crowded again, your friends are either more tan or more pale (thanks, tequila) than you remember and the question of “how was your trip” is either greeted with an eye-roll or a mischievous grin. Now’s the time when stories are shared: the good, the bad, the long lines. I don’t know about you, but I don’t care about Stevie Knicks, Dave Grohl or Prince – not in general of course, but with over 4,000 bands attending Southby from all over the world, I want to hear about the little trio who made even the most jaded critic’s hair stand on end, the hometown heroes who reclaimed the festival from the onslaught of marquee names who have tried to co-opt it its sole mission.

On such person is Kelsey Waldon, one of our favorite local classic country crooners, who hit SXSW for music, sun and a little Townes Van Zandt. We asked her to keep a photo diary of her adventures, because we felt the only way to properly bring you the festival was through the eyes of someone playing, not watching.

Click on the airplane to start the slideshow…

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