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The Electric Hearts ::: Drinkin’, Eatin’ and Watchin’ Movies Locally

481246_416078808485426_2140455785_nThere are two things I love most about living in Nashville. The first is (unoriginally) the music scene here; the second is its ability to condense the cultured vibe of a coastal city into a smaller and more manageable parameter.

In making tourist “conversion guides” for my northern compatriots, I often struggle to show them what a daily Nashvillian does, avoiding honky tonks, while still celebrating Tennessean cuisine (hot chicken, not just chicken fried.) The Electric Hearts’ list below is the perfect segue for a jaded New Yorker thrust into a southern metropolis; much like the band, these are universally enjoyable experiences.

If I were to trust any band’s five “Eatin’, Drinkin’, and Watching Movies Locally” list, it would be The Electric Hearts. Singer Jessica Breanne has a Janis-like range and rasp, and there isn’t a single person who walks away unmoved by the band’s energetic, soulful sound. I would be hard pressed to find an environment or emotion that wasn’t accurately expressed by their self-titled EP. “Hear My Love” somehow softens the most detached person into a desperate romantic, conjuring up an imagined love with a man that does not exist. Similarly, local Nashville gems can convert the staunchest New Yorker into a slow-talking southerner. Like their music, the list below is distinctly Nashville, but universally enjoyable. Which is why the next time one of my shipwrecked Brooklynites comes down here for a short reprieve, we will grab drinks at The Villager, before an Electric Hearts show.

The Electric Hearts Nashville Five :::

(We Love Drinkin’, Eatin’ and Watchin’ Movies Locally!)

1.     The Belcourt Theatre – This independent movie house is a true gem of Nashville and something we love dearly.  Independent, Foreign, Documentaries and Retrospectives are the main types of films/series screened in the storied theatre.  The beauty and the charisma of the building is something that draws us to the Belcourt over a “Regal” Theater.  The Midnight Movie series is a great opportunity to see some movies you love re-screened (Jurassic Park) or some weird movies you’ve never heard of but are amazing (House)! They’ve got a full bar as well and enjoying a beer or two during the movie is the best.

2.     “International Famous” Twin Kegs – Beer, Burgers and Shuffle Board.  The newest burger on the menu has become an addiction for some of us.  It’s called “The Spice Burger”.  The patty is dipped in Louisiana Hot Sauce before it’s cooked and then dunked again after grilling.  Then top it with jalapeños, crispy bacon, bleu cheese, pepper jack and Tomato.  Add a fried egg to it if you are cool with your mind exploding.  Then wash it all down with some cheap beer.  Twin Kegs is divey and awesome!

3.     The Villager Tavern – This is our band’s HQ.  We love shooting the shit with Steve, Sarah and Toby and drinking cheap Shiner Bock pints.  It also hosts one of the greatest jukeboxes in town. We hang out at the villager so much that they put our music on the aforementioned jukebox (Thanks Steve!)  The Villager also has one of the best foosball tables in Nashville and some fierce competitors.  Four dartboards in the back allow for some heated Cricket matches to go all night long.

4.     Hot Chicken – Prince’s and Bolton’s are the top spots for Hot Chicken.  It’s something that is unique to Nashville and delicious.  One bite and your life is never the same.  The most important thing to know is that these are not like Hot wings you get at the sports bar.  Hot wings consist of dousing a fried piece of chicken in hot sauce and butter.  Hot Chicken is made with a paste that is brushed onto the chicken after it comes out of the fry oil.  The paste seeps into every nook and cranny to flavor the whole piece.  The chicken looks like its covered in molten lava! A handful of pickles and a couple slices of white bread finish a traditional serving.

5.     Baja Burrito – One of our favorite places to eat as a band has to be Baja Burrito. Not only is the food delicious but it’s also a great value. For around 8 bucks you can get a huge burrito, chips, and a drink (try the fruit tea or horchata). Choose your tortilla (flour, wheat, chipotle, or spinach) and fill it up with your choice of grilled chicken, steak, bbq beef brisket, or the spicy shredded chicken and all the fixin’s. If you’re not in the mood for a burrito, try a taco salad or their amazing fish tacos. If the weather is nice enjoy a Tecate’ on the patio!

– E.K.

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