News /// 2.27.13

Dawes, Adam Green & Father John Misty come to town, The Features have a new record, MerleFest comes to Music City Roots & more


I heard the news today, oh boy.

What news, you ask? Well, the music industry stopped losing money. It’s a weird thing, surely, when one of your most beloved art forms generally has no “value” (i.e. profit) in the eyes of the corporate world – I do remember when music used to make money (back in the day when it was possible to sell millions of records if you weren’t Adele). I’m not a cultural anarchist: I think art should make money. Just, you know, the good stuff. Most of the time it’s only the shit that’s truly profitable, in a way  where you’re surprised people don’t pillage diaper pails for product.

I certainly recall spending money on music, and I still do (stop yelling at, me those of you who know that one of the perks of being a music journalist is free concert tickets and tunes. True, friends: you’re right. But I do buy every single album I like on vinyl for my own collection – regardless of whether or not I received a promo. So there.). Anyway, music is making money again. At least a little. Living in Nashville, it’s both hard to imagine the biz not being lucrative at times – check out music row and our thriving industry, particularly in country – and impossible at others- check out the zillions of grossly talented musicians here who also wait tables.

Anyway, it’s a smidgen of good news only if it means that more of the music we like will be a part of a sustainable lifestyle for those who make it. Now on to news items deemed important by me, from my desk currently overlooking a neglected backyard run amok with more stray cats than I care to mention….

Adam Green & Binki Shapiro make me think of New York; of late, late nights on 7th street and Avenue A at the Cabin Down Below, drinking cheap tequila in a heavy glass; of tight leather, raspy guitars and men who speak in stutters but sing poetry. They’re playing 5.10 at Marathon Music Works with Father John Misty – one of those perfect shows where you want to see the opening band just as much as the headliner. Right on.

–  Dawes, who have a new album called Stories Don’t End out April 9th, will be stopping by Grimey’s for an in-store on 3.20. The boys recorded their new LP in Asheville, NC, which is a damn fine town for both living and making music. Chances are this one will operate in the same manner as previous marquee names who stopped by our beloved record store for an intimate gig – place a pre-order, get a spot on the list. We’ll fill you in on this as we know more.

Music City Roots is partnering with MerleFest for a kickoff prior to the yearly North Carolina festival on 4.24. The show will feature five acts from the 2013 lineup: The Waybacks, Pokey LaFarge, Della Mae, Jim Avett and Peter Rowan. Tickets are available here.

– Local heroes The Features have a new self-titled record out (via Serpents & Snakes) on 5.14. Check out the single “This Disorder” here. The foursome will be hitting SXSW for a set of dates.

– It’s almost here folks:  Caitlin Rose’s new album, The Stand-In. Stream it here, over at Rolling Stone. Then pre-order it, because I know ya’ll still like spending money on music.

– Speaking of SXSW: there’s a “sendoff” party on Saturday on Cannery Row, featuring The Protomen, Wild Cub, Patrick Sweany, Luella and The Sun, The Howlin’ Brothers (at Mercy) and Alanna Royale, Magnolia Sons, Jacob Jones, Los Colognes and The Jag, all sponsored by Third Shift Amber Lager.

– Now by popular demand: a second night with Band of Horses at the Ryman! The added show is 4.28, and tickets are on sale Friday at 10 a.m.

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