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64945_266002183475836_179377946_nIt’s Friday, and I’m back from a lovely lunch at Marche with my other Lockeland Springsteener, Emily. We spoke about Nashville and music, naturally – and about how we both tend to favor going to shows then spending much time at bars with the sole purpose of drinking – nothing against drinking, naturally (it’s a grand thing indeed) – but when it comes down to it, we both spend most of our evenings out at concerts, often having to face the difficult decision of what to see and what to sadly miss. I also spent a lot of the lunch feeling really jealous of Emily’s brisket sandwich, but my regrettable food decisions are another item entirely. Anyway…

On the topic of bars, Little Bandit, for their Nashville Five, gave us their Top Overheard Complaints About Bars. Because, well…why not. They spend a lot of time in them, mostly ones that play music. As a matter of fact, I first saw Little Bandit, fronted by Alex Caress, play at the 5 Spot‘s $2 Tuesday, where I was pretty struck by the whiskey-soaked country tunes with enough self-awareness to play with humor but not satire. Check out their single “Platform Shoes” here – and watch the video after the jump. It was directed by Ryan Kendrick and features lots of enjoyable cameos. You can’t make an East Nashville music video without cameos, now can you? Also check out their Daytrotter session.

Now, in case you’re fixin’ to hit the town this weekend, we bring you Little Bandit’s Top 5 Overheard Complaints About Bars. Stay safe out there, friends. Have a designated driver.

5. “But it’s soooo smoky!”
…. but you smoke.

4. “But there’s probably a shitty band playing!”
…. last night you were the shitty band.

3. “But isn’t this that night that all those runners show up?”
…. but it’s 2 for 1, so you’ll be there.

2. “But it’s soooo loud!”
…. but your friend’s boyfriend is spinning records.

1. “But it’s gotten soooo douchey!”
…. but it’s 2 for 1, so you’ll be there.

Watch the video for Little Bandit’s “Platform Shoes” :::

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