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Happenings /// The First Annual Lockeland Lunchbreak

Today was a pretty rad day over here in Lockeland Springs, because we held the first-annual Lockeland Lunchbreak. The idea is pretty simple: to get a couple local bands together and one in town on tour, play a few songs each in my backyard and catch it all on film & video. And – here’s the kicker! – to do it during lunchtime. With beer and pizza from Five Points Pizza.

For the inaugural event, Anderson East, Andrew Leahey & the Homestead, Joshua Black Wilkins and Heaven’s Jail Band (from Brooklyn) all played three amazing songs each that I’ll be sharing videos of over the course of the week. These guys braved playing guitar in chilly temperatures, and still sounded unbelievable. I’ll also be posting some photographs from the truly talented local photographer Dabney Morris who captured the whole thing on camera- please check out some of his work in the meantime.

Also follow our new YouTube channel where we’ll host the video series component, Lockeland Lunchbreak Live. Of course, you can also find those videos here. We’ll be livestreaming soon, too.

So stay tuned for videos and photos from today’s event! Now time to go warm up inside with some whiskey…

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