News /// Jack White’s short NYC set, Hang with Ryan Bingham, Andrew Bird takes on Townes, a Kings of Leon wedding & more

– On Saturday night, Jack White left the stage of his Radio City Music Hall concert after 50 minutes. Apparently he was upset with either the audience or the sound, or both. All I can say is that it’s not an easy venue – one time I got yelled at for standing up. During a rock concert. And White was excellent when I saw him in Nashville.  Apparently, all was reconciled in the next night’s 21-song set.

– Want to win a hang with Ryan Bingham in Nashville? “With this record, I just had so much time to really reflect on my life, the songs I was writing, what I wanted the record to be about, how I wanted it to sound,” Bingham told the Hollywood Reporter on his new record, Tomorrowland.

Andrew Bird‘s new record, Hands of Glory (10.30) will include Townes Van Zandt covers.

– Here are some photos from the AMA’s.

Jared Followill got hitched this past weekend.

– Keep a lookout for these guitars, stolen from Turbo Fruits.

– Check out Valerie June at Bestival, who recently recorded in Nashville with Dan Auerbach.

 – George Strait is hitting the road for the last time.

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