Happenings /// The Slighted Indie-rock Fan’s Guide to AMA Week

So it’s Americana Music Awards week, and thus it’s a damn good time to catch many of your favorite rootsy acts around town – I’ll be hitting Wanda Jackson, Andrew Combs, Robert Ellis and plenty more showcases and things. Expect much more on  AMA later.

But if Americana isn’t your thing, here’s a little guide to what to hit this week. Because so many of our venues are filled to the brim with folksniess, it could feel like the indie & rock pickings are a little slim. Au contraire! There are some great – and some truly classic – indie rock acts in town this week, including Built to Spill, Metric and Beach House. (Not to mention the fact that some “Americana” bands could actually also be classified as rock, but that’s a different story for a different day, on a porch somewhere with a couple of beers).

So here’s your suggested agenda…

Tuesday/Today :::

5:00 p.m: Bob Dylan Tempest Listening party. Yes, I refuse to categorize Bob Dylan as Americana. Maybe that’s due to my general contempt with the label of “Americana” in general, or maybe because Bob Dylan just deserves a category of his own. Either way, hop by Grimey’s to preview the new LP. And pick up your own copy. Obviously.

6:00 p.m.: Since you are already at Grimey’s, you might as well stick around to catch Paper Route‘s in-store. And buy a copy of their new record, too.

 9:00 p.m: Catch Buffalo Clover at The High Watt.

Wednesday :::

8:00: Paper Route again, this time with Foreign Fields, at Exit/In. If you already saw Paper Route yesterday and want to catch the whole show, then stay – which you should do, particularly since both bands are Nashvillians. If you want to hear something else, stop by here first to see Foreign Fields, then head home to listen to the new Turbo Fruits record, out on the 11th, because you totally bought it at Grimey’s yesterday, too.

Thursday :::

9:00 p.m.: Check out Denver’s The Malah, an electronic trio with a pretty spazmatic live show.

Friday :::

9:00 p.m.: This is a tough call between Metric at the Ryman and Built to Spill at Exit/In. Though you might disagree, I’d go Built to Spill all the way. They’re classic, influential and undeniably awesome.

Saturday :::

9:00 p.m: Beach House has one of my current favorite records, Bloom, so don’t miss the chance to hear tracks from it and their other excellent LP’s tonight at Marathon Music Works.

Sunday :::

9:00 p.m: Hit Washed out at Mercy Lounge.

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