News /// John Prine to play fundraiser, Live on the Green lets everyone down with Black Keys tease and more

– It might not be a shocking statement for me to say that I am a fan of John Prine. But though I have heard many tales of the man appearing on the Station Inn stage or being otherwise spotted around town, I have yet to see him for myself. Thus I was pleased to hear of an upcoming gig he is playing in town with Gretchen Peters on 10.4, and even more pleased when I heard it is part of the 2012 Magdalene Fall Fundraiser,  Chestnut and Sage: Stories of Love and Revival. Magdalene/Thistle Farms is a nonprofit for women who have survived prostitution, trafficking and addiction, and the event tickets are free with a donation encouraged.  Great music, tax-deductible and for an excellent cause? Fork over your $. The event will be at the Vanderbilt Student Life Center, and  tickets/donations here.

– Last night at Live on the Green, the M.C teased, before Dr. John took the stage (who, by the way, is a certifiable bad-ass), of a “very, very special guest” who “might” show up. They even Facebooked this: “Just got the word that there MIGHT be a very (very very) special guest tonight during the @akadrjohn set… #LOTG #crossyourfingers.” “Might” was the operative word. Naturally, everyone guessed Dan Auerbach – and hints where a-plenty, with the event organizers hiding free tickets in the Black Keys section at Grimey’s. But there were no signs of Auerbach, leaving a expectant crowd rather disappointed. Not cool, Live on the Green. PR for the event says “There were hopes that The Black Keys would show up since they produced Dr. John’s last album. Unfortunately they did not show up.” Whether or not this was just a pipe dream by event staff or something the Key’s actually bailed on is unclear – and the latter seems unlikely. All I know is never promise a “special guest” of a Black Key unless you have it in writing that they’ll show up – or risk being fed to the wolves.  Team Keys wins here.

– Speak of the devil…The Black Keys are working on a new album, according to RollingStone.com. “‘We spent a week in the studio,’ Auerbach says of a July session in Nashville…Auerbach and Carney plan to regroup in early 2013 to begin officially recording, and as Carney told Rolling Stone earlier this summer, they hope to finish quickly,” the article says.

– P.S., Dan Auerbach, though not at Live on the Green, is on Twitter.

Nick Zammuto of The Books is playing on 10.1 at The Basement with his new weirdly unique band, Zammuto. Listen to his live EP which dropped last week, recording on tour with Explosions in the Sky:

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