Nashville Five

Nashville Five /// The Weeks

Serpents & Snakes, the new record label from the Kings of Leon bros., made news when they snatched up beloved local acts The Features and Turbo Fruits. And then they did it again by signing The Weeks, a relatively unknown band living in Nashville by way of Mississippi that cranks out southern-bred garage tunes that sound like they’re spun on The Strokes’ record player (that was maybe once owned by Lou Reed). It’s the musical equivalent of Bayou-dirtied boots clomped down the streets of Brooklyn. Here’s what I said, to lazily quote myself, in a pick for the Nashville Scene: “what The Weeks bring is a looser, garage-friendly song construction and a dynamic live show that proves they don’t intend to rest on the laurels of their label chiefs.” Yep.

Their EP, Gutter Gaunt Gangster, is out 9.25, which you can pre-order here. And they’re playing Mercy tomorrow (9.6), as well as Soundland. To celebrate all these various things, here’s The Weeks’ Nashville Five :::

1. At the Table: back when we lived near downtown, we ate at this soul food joint a few times a week that just took us home to our grandparents dinner tables. Still our favorite restaurant in town.

2. The 5 Spot: On Wednesday they have Pickin Parlor with the Hogslop boys and a bunch of knee slapping bluegrass standards. Casey McBride is the James Jamerson of the washtub.

3. The Groove: can’t beat having a record store like the Groove right next to your house. We try to raid that place every week.

4. Three Crow: on top of the fact that we live a few blocks from Five Points, our best friend from Mississippi, Brandy, works there so it’s nice place to stop in for a few drinks or stay til they stop slingin booze at 3.

5. Mercy Lounge: Not only will it be a good time on September 6 when we play the first show of the Whigs record release tour, but it’s always a good show. If a band we like comes through they always seem to go to Mercy an we’re always there.

Honorable mention: Deva Ju. For the 69 pink hot days of summer.

Watch the video for The Weeks’ tune “The House We Grew Up In”:

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