Nashville Five

Nashville Five /// SHEL

If you were at the Basement last night, you were able to catch SHEL, a foursome group of sisters (the band name is an acronym for first names: Sarah, Hannah, Eva and Liza). Classically trained and home-schooled, they were inspired by Bach, Nickel Creek, The Beatles, Harry Nilsson and Bob Dylan, among others, and cover Led Zeppelin’s “The Battle of Evermore” on their debut eponymous LP, out today. Intrigued? Watch the video for their self-created, directed and edited video for “Freckles” after the jump and download some free tunes on their Noisetrade page and buy the full record here.

While recording at The Blue Room in Nashville (with Grammy-winner Brent Maher), the girls got to know the town. Where did they turn in their downtime? Read on.

SHEL’s Nashville Five:

1. Preservation Station – (Eva): The first time I walked into this place was like walking into a strange and wonderful dream from Alice in Wonderland. Walls lined with thousands of antique keyholes and door knobs, 10 foot stained glass windows, gorgeous chandeliers, lamp posts, stone lions, hand carved wooden arches. . . I didn’t want to leave. The people working there were as knowledgeable as wizards as far as the history of everything was concerned. It was strangely magical.

2. Smiling Elephant – (Eva): I wake up in a cold sweat at home craving Smiling Elephant. Everything I’ve tried here has been amazing. It has everything I consider ideal, amazing service, incredibly reasonable prices, great atmosphere, and outstanding flavorful dishes.

3. Baja Burrito – (Sarah): Always one of the first places I go! Everyone there is so friendly, and the atmosphere is so creative! You can almost feel all the music that’s about to be created in the air.

4. The Parthenon -(Liza): I haven’t had the pleasure of going inside to see the art museum that I’ve heard marvelous things about, but walking around the outside of the parthenon makes me feel like I’ve been transported to a whole new part of the world. Having a picnic dinner on the steps at the end of a long day is rad.

5. The Pedestrian Bridge- (Hannah):  It’s so romantic above the river at sunset with that beautiful Nashville skyline reflecting across the water.

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