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Nashville Five /// Mindy Smith

Singer-songwriter Mindy Smith is kicking off her tour and the release of her fifth self-titled record in her adopted hometown at 3rd and Lindsley on July 1. But it’s been a long road.

“I spent the last several years trying to get my bearings and investing in myself,” says Smith, “I think unless you’re willing to do that, it’s going to be very difficult to convince other people that they should invest in what you’re doing.”

You can invest in Smith’s record with her direct-to-fan bundles on her website. They include the autograph package, which features a signed copy of the CD and an 11”x17” tour poster on premium canvas-style paper; and the fine art package, which features limited edition Giclee of one of Mindy’s original paintings (only 25 reproductions of each painting), signed 11”x17” tour poster and CD.

Now, Mindy Smith’s favorite Nashville haunts (and watch her video for the single “Closer” after the jump):

1. Southern Thrift & Music City Thrift:  I have recently re-discovered thrift stores again.  But this time around, I am obsessed with finding buried treasure’s where you’d least expect to find them.  I pop in,  fill up a cart, research and consolidate.  Among my treasures I have uncovered; a first issue Casio SK-1 ($5), a beautiful Duncan Phyfe folding leaf dining table ($60) and brand new pair of Frye boots ($22) and more. Trade secret, I don’t buy even half of the awesome stuff I find because I would go broke and end up on Hoarder’s. The items are affordable, unique and sometime even valuable.  Always look for the color tags that are %50 off too. Important tip: always consolidate your items before purchasing no-refunds (sad face).  I dream of finding something and than breaking a record on Antiques Road Show. That would be as cool as winning any award in the entertainment industry.  I also feel better about repurposing things.

2. Gas Lamp Antique Store:  Located above Staple’s and across from 100 Oaks.  I can spend hours in this store looking at things from times gone by. Each item has a story and the displays are exquisite.  It is a history lesson in American culture and often times you get a-schooling about other cultures too.  I have to be ready to give up several hours of a day skimming and sifting through some very cool stuff. Even if I come home w/ nothing physically, I always learn something.  If you think about it there is a song in every inch of a place like that.

3. Mitchell’s DeliI have been a vegetarian since 1989 and only in the last 10 years has it become easier to find healthy, tasty vegetarian foods that are NOT mushroom ala something, iceberg lettuce salad or pizza (which I love but am a bit of a New York Snob).  Mitchell’s in East Nashville, clear across town for me, has a great sandwich called the BBQ Asian Tofu.  he bread is awesome and the flavor is stupendous (great word, huh?)!  I can only get there every so often and it is always a treat when I do. It is clear that Mitchell’s Deli takes pride in their work.

4. Manny’s House of Pizza:  Looking for a proper New York pizza? Well lucky for Nashville, you can have one in The Arcade on 4th at Manny’s House of Pizza. You’ll find an array pizza, stromboli and calzones to die for, prepared daily.  Manny’s truly embodies all my childhood memories of growing up in Long Island New York and having the best pizza anytime we want it.  Buy a slice, aw, what the hell, buy the whole Pie, you won’t be disappointed. Oh, and don’t be shy or sensitive and always have your order ready when you step up to the counter because you’ll find that in true N.Y fashion, they are very busy, hustling to keep everyone full and happy!

5. Plaza:  found near the awesome Frugal McDougal’s, is my go to art supplier.  There is a fun energy and I love the way art supply stores smell because they smell creative.  If I could bottle the smell of ART I would call it,  “Créatif” Eau de Toilette. When I go into Plaza, I begin thinking about all the stuff I want to do even if I don’t know how to do it, ha!  I also really like the folks who work there because they’re very supportive of the creative process.  Plaza has the best deals on Canvas, paint and brushes in town and I only get my custom framing done in their frame shop.

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