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Local Honey /// Music + Fashion with Under the Guise

When I had what my east coast friends thought was the “crazy” idea of moving to Nashville last year, I would often send them, along with endless MP3’s of our local bands, links to Heidi Jewell‘s Under the Guise blog. Heidi chronicles Nashville’s unique street style with a laser eye, focusing on looks that display artful individuality rather than podlike trend-followers. She also has a great knack for shooting live music – which is why she can often be found snapping both the performers and attendees of festivals like SXSW and Bonnaroo.

Here, Heidi shares with us some street style snaps from the ‘Roo, in a slideshow after the jump.

Speaking of Nashville music + fashion, GQ has a spread this month calling our town “the most electric spot in the South, thanks to a cast of transplanted designers, architects, chefs, and rock ’n’ rollers.” Click here to download and see The Whigs, The Ettes, Karen Elson, Joshua Black Wilkins and other locals sporting Imogene + Willie, Otis James, Peter Nappi and more.

Click through. All photos, Heidi Jewell of Under the Guise:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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