Nashville Five

Nashville Five /// Fly Golden Eagle

We’ve had the pleasure of asking 2/3 of BMI’s Road to Bonnaroo winners to list their Nashville Five (By Lightning! and Wild Cub) – now we complete the cycle with Fly Golden Eagle, who just did the competition justice by rocking the ‘Roo with a special guest appearance from Alabama ShakesBrittany Howard (at left, via the band’s Tumblr).

Listen to tunes from the Nashville band on their Myspace page. And now, Fly Golden Eagle’s Nashville Five:

1. Lovechild’s Double Smash Booking & Recording Studio: This place is in our neighborhood, 2 blocks away from where we live. It’s the most quintessential example of a certain type of culture that exists (I don’t have a name for it) and it’s an awesome studio that’s deeply preserved in an aqua-musk with panthers and velvet paintings ranging from sweet love to anarchy and a great green room. Lovechild is sort of a legend and threw all these awesome parties last year (quiet so far this year) and had musicians back him up that used to play with James Brown and Sidney Poitier, etc. I think we’re going to record there soon.

2. Bella Nashville Pizza: This is the best pizza in town. It’s in the Farmer’s Market downtown and everything is made from Dave and Emma’s sweat and passion and they use awesome ingredients and have the coolest wood-burning stove they built themselves.

3. All the cops in East Nashville: I don’t know what happened but on our side of East Nashville there have been so many more cops in the past few months. I just feel so much safer and I really like what they bring to the neighborhood and how they make the neighborhood look. Police are very aesthetically pleasing to us. Gov. Bill Haslam does a really great job, as well. Governor par excellence

4. Biscuit House vs.Charlie Bob’s: No one likes to talk about it, but we all know about the unspoken war between these two staples of breakfast/lunch/hangover food. We know for a certifiable fact that B. House did acts of vandalism against C. Bob’s a few years ago, and ever since it’s been covertly. It’s like the Sharks and the Jets but if they were more like America and Russia in the Cold War.

5. $100 Blue Light Train Bill: So: underneath the train tracks that cross the Cumberland way high in the air in the Shelby Park nature walk is a blue light. It’s meant as a signal for boats so they don’t hit the tracks as they go under. One night, someone crept up there and tied a $100 bill to it, the string being about 15 ft. long. The only way to get this C-Note is to jump off the tracks and grab it on your way down. It’s probably about 60-70 ft. down, if I we had to guess. Now: I know what you’re thinking. “Can’t you just pull the string up from the tracks and snag the dough?” No. I have no idea how the rope was tied on to the light but it looks like it took an insane person. Or at least someone with a sweet jet pack. Try it sometime.

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