Nashville Five /// Elizabeth Cook

Elizabeth Cook has managed to maintain a selection of diverse monikers over the course of her career: Opry star, country rebel, East Nashville pioneer, singer-songwriter, radio host, David Letterman favorite. Those items don’t always go together (i.e. Opry star with most of those things, save for radio host) but that’s both the charm, talent and mystique of Cook.

Now she can add gospel singer to the list: after somewhat begrudgingly appearing on the Strawberry Music Festival’s Sunday morning gospel show on her radio home of SiriusXM (she hosts “Apron Strings” on Outlaw Country), she realized a long lost love for the music of her youth – which happened to be gospel. She’s spun this into a new 7-song EP “of some of her favorite Southern Gospel songs (well, six Gospel songs and a cover of Velvet Underground’s “Jesus”).” It’s called Gospel Plow, and will be available on 6.12th, the day before she appears Letterman’s show.

So where does Cook go when not on the road, on the radio or on stage? Here’s her Nashville Five – well, five plus one for good luck.

1. OMG (Old Made Good) – This is my one-stop shop in between tours to fill my suitcase with tour fashion treasures.  Handmade jewelry, kick ass crafts, new, reworked, and vintage clothing.  Wall to wall fabulous.

2. Italia – Fresh, hot Gluten-free pizza delivered to my East Nash doorstep.  Staple for movie night, or rehearsals with the boys at the house.

3. Woodland Wine Merchant – Diverse and awesome selection.  They sell my champagne in a can, allergy friendly wine, and support small vineyards, without blowing a hole in my purse.

4.  Moss – Melita Snider’s shop in the 5 points coop has classy, quality women’s pieces, that help me look a little less like a complete thrift store head to toe rag doll.

5.  Smeraldo’s – Two brothers from Sicily own this vintage Gallatin road restaurant lounge that hasnt been redecorated in well, a really long time.  I love to hide in there or rendezvous if I need to have a private meeting.  Cheap chianti and pasta.  And sometimes a country band on the weekends.  I threw an engagement party in there once.

6.  Magnolia Spa – Tiny jewel of a spa on the east side, where sweet and skilled LaQuita polishes me up for tour.


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