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Nashville Five /// Wild Cub

There’s been a trend happening on my various social media places these days. No, I’m not talking about cats playing the piano or kids singing Judas Priest – valid trends, clearly, but not what I am referring to here.

What I am talking about is the amount of people I have seen talking about Wild Cub, the Nashville band who recently won BMI’s Road to Bonnaroo showdown, and will play at the festival in in the Troo Music Lounge on Saturday, June 9 – 2:40 PM. Their debut record is also due this summer.

Wild Cub, comprising well-known locals Keegan DeWitt and Jeremy Bullock, make music that is effortlessly together without being contrived; pop anthems that still rock out with lots of chugging summertime-friendly melodies. Watch the video for the excellent tune, “Colour,” after the jump.

But first, Wild Cub’s Keegan DeWitt gives us his Nashville Five:

1. Tidwell & Perryman: Situated inside Local Honey on Belmont, these guys hand pick and also hand craft some of the best vintage clothes in town. In terms of finding original and inspired clothes, this is your best bet. Kevin Perryman also serves as one half of the amazing RECOGNIZE night at Mai on Tuesdays where he spins classic R&B and Hip Hop to a packed house.

2. Rock Island: Although it’s a drive, you won’t be complaining on the drive back after spending a day swimming into beautiful watering holes, bathing under waterfalls and getting sun soaked cliff jumping. Rock Island is a Nashville summer must-visit and totally worth the car ride. Only thing better is finding that perfect pool to sneak into within city limits late night. Rock Island is the next best thing.

3. Mas Tacos: The two big standouts here are the authentic Tortilla Soup and the fried avocado tacos. All accompanied by a bigger-than-your head bottle of hot sauce. Operated with incredible love and care, the vibe inside is pitch perfect and you never leave feeling like you didn’t get something personally created just for you. From the chalkboard menu on the walk to the quaint back yard area, Mas Tacos is one of those spots unique to Nashville. Under-stated, under-rated and totally unique.

4. Weiss’s Liquor & Spirits: The best spot in town for anything imbibement-oriented. My favorite is a cheap bottle of Evan Williams whiskey or the ol’ one two punch of a silver Tequila shot and a Pacifico beer. If you’re setting up for a small house party with friends or just a great cocktail on the back porch with your wife, this is where you’ll want to go to gear up.

5. Prince’s Hot Chicken: Just a bit of advice, don’t ever combine the tequila/pacifico with a trip to Prince’s, although it may seem like an inspired idea at the time. Prince’s is a once a year type of trip and always worth it. I say go for the “hot” and make sure to get a water. Many towns boast of definitive “local fare”, but Prince’s is one spot that truly lives up to the hype. Both a right of passage and a strangely delicious meal, Prince’s brings people together, usually based on some sort of dare.

Watch Wild Cub’s “Colour” here:

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