Tonight, Tonight weekend of champions

Tonight, Tonight /// Weekend of Champions

What’s cooking in Nashville this weekend, besides an egg on the smoking hot asphalt?

You can visit our (still in progress) calendar, or various other calendars out there (the Scene, obvs.), for a full lineup. Instead, we’re going to bring you our first installment of Weekend of Champions, where we’ll plan out one suggested itinerary should you want to give this town everything you’ve got. Or just show off for friends in town. Either is valid.


6:00 pm /// Grimey‘s: Start here for an in-store performance from Nashville’s Honey Locust.

7:00 pm /// Feed yourself somewhere.

9:15 pm /// Mercy Lounge:  PUJOL (playing with Lee Ranaldo Band w/ Wooden Wand). While Ranaldo is the headliner, a Sonic Youth-er and now solo band-er, start here for PUJOL‘s opening set instead (we stole his Instagram photo, at left).

10:15 pm /// Breather outside. Smoke if you must.

10:30 pm /// Head back into Cannery Row for Fool’s Gold at High Watt.

11:45 pm /// Over the river to Dino‘s, for the Strange Feelings Analog Disco Spectacular: a night of all-vinyl, all-analog dance tunes spun old-school style on two turntables. Party, dance, give us a high five, pass out.


3:00 pm /// Musican’s Corner at Centennial Park: A little sun, a little food from a truck and some nice music will ease your hangover. Settle into the grass for Marc Scibilia‘s set, and then Umbrella Tree. The latter is playing Exit/In at night. See them here for free. You win.

5:00 pm /// Head over to Zombie Bike Shop and buy your $10 wristband for “Everyday Fest,” put on by the Brick Factory. Partake in the cookout and bike parts swap, should you need bike parts. Eat. You’ll be back later.

8:00 pm /// High Watt. Mayhem performing Prince‘s Controversy. Yes.

11:00 pm ///Head back to The Zombie Bike Shop, for No Regrets Coyote EP release show. The wristband you purchased earlier will get ya in.


3:00 pm /// Maybe it’s because we’re new, but we love a good Sunday at Robert’s Western World. Grab a five dollar Stimulus Package and you have a dog, chips and a beer for 5 bucks. Tip the band.

7:00 pm ///Catch Vintage Trouble over at The High Watt.

11:30 pm /// Finish the night at the 5 Spot for Heath Haynes. Collapse later.

What the whole weekend will cost you: 55 bucks, including all music, dinner on Saturday at the Zombie Cookout, late lunch at Robert’s on Sunday and lots of joy.

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