Nashville Five

Nashville Five /// Kopecky Family Band

It’s all in the family.

Kopecky Family Band may not be a family in the literal sense of the word, but they were born one in 2007, when they started making their often orchestral, layered tunes that are as influenced by classic folk as they are Radiohead and Modest Mouse.

Currently on tour with the Lumineers, the Nashville-based band just played a sold-out gig at the Basement. They’re on the road a lot, but here’s where five members –singers Gabe and Kelsey, along with Steven (lead guitar),  Markus (cello), and David (drums) — go when they’re home. There’s also Corey, who’s on bass.

Listen to a remix of their tune, “God & Me,” here,  or on Spotify.

Nashville Five by members of Kopecky Family Band:

1. Kelsey Kopecky: Sanctuary for Yoga in Green Hills and the Gulch: While on tour, I get the chance to visit yoga studios nationwide. Each studio is different and wonderful. When I get to spend weeks at home off tour, I camp out at Sanctuary, spending time with my favorite teachers, being challenged physically and inspired mentally. Sanctuary offers my favorite kind of yoga practice, vinyasa flow, which coordinates movement with breath.

2. Gabe Simon: Rosepepper Cantina. I love East Nashville Mexican food. Rosepepper is my jam. Queso and frozen margaritas will never be regrettable. Sitting on that big porch with my lovely lady is the pinnacle of great day in Nashville. Its my official homecoming restaurant after every tour.  House special enchiladas forever. Oh… and Jenni’s ice cream is across the street. Duh.

3. Steven Wallace Holmes: The Edwin and Percy Warner Parks, a great place to go to hike with friends or that-special-someone, or to just be alone in nature. Tons of trails to choose from, varying in difficulty. A simply beautiful place to explore, any season of the year (I’ve been in sunshine and in snow… just be careful not to get your car stuck in winter!

4. David Krohn: The porch at Bongo Java.  For a measly $5.47 you can get a cup of coffee, toast, two eggs and some of the best hash browns I’ve ever had.  While this is reason enough to go to Bongo, I like to go for the people watching.  There are always interesting characters killing time on the porch at Bongo who are having even more interesting conversations.

5. Markus Midkiff: I really love the Villager in Hillsboro village. It’s a nice local pub with darts and a good price on beers. If it’s your birthday, you can even get a free dog bowl full of beer!

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