Nashville Five

Nashville Five /// The I’m Not Dead Yet Edition, Starring Joshua Black Wilkins

If you haven’t heard East Nashville’s Joshua Black Wilkins, you certainly have seen him: his photographs anyway, gracing the cover of Justin Townes Earl‘s newest LP or Magnet‘s Black Keys issue. A celebrated portrait artist who captures his subjects in rich, moody shades, raw light and honest moments (not whoops-you-caught-me! faux honest moments but up-close, bare, intimate-to-the-wrinkles-and-spots honesty), he’s also a singer/songwriter whose excellent tunes sound like his pictures: listen to the his record The Girlfriend Sessions (on Spotify here), and you’ll see what we mean.

On Wednesday (5.8) he’ll be playing an acoustic show with legendary SoCal punk band Face to Face at The End (also with Blacklist Royals and New Drugs For The 90’s).

You’ll want to go to hear his music –that’s a given — but we asked Wilkins to list five reasons to head to The End tomorrow that you may not have thought of (and one extra for posterity)…

1. When was the last time you saw Face To Face? Have you ever seen Face to Face? Do you know who Face to Face is?

2. There isn’t a dance party/Yacht Rock/guilty pleasures going on that night. 

3. If you added up the musicians playing that night, and divided the cover price by that number, it costs less than one dollar to see a great musician (probably).

4. I’m not dead yet, and no one playing the show is dead, or a hologram. It’s real live music solely benefiting our wallets. And we write our own songs, so it isn’t a tribute either.

5. The End is a historic punk rock club with great sound, Bruce is a cool guy, Trever texted me and sounds like a nice guy, and there’s going to be girls there.

6. There’s going to be girls there.

There you have it.

Watch the video for Wilkins’ song “Church on the Hill”:

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