Tonight, Tonight

Tonight, Tonight /// Stone Jack Jones, Spirits of the Red City, Cheap Time, Kelsey Waldon

A couple more choices for your Friday planning, if you haven’t made up your mind yet.

Cheap Time and Thee Mighty Shake Spears at Dino’s. 9 pm. If ya wanna be sedated (by Dino’s beer and rock n’ roll music).

– Over at one of Nashville’s newer venues, Brick Factory, check out Spirits of the Red City, Kyle Hamlett & Stone Jack Jones. I’ve included the video for SJJ’s haunting “Black Coal” after the jump, which somehow manages to combine Pink Floyd’s The Wall, molasses lyrics and scratchy blues sealed off by one of the most forlorn harmonicas you ever did hear. Spirits of the Red City (and there are a lot of spirits in this band, as you can see in this video) balance the night with raw harmonies.

Parachute Musical is playing their last gig ever as a band at The 5 Spot. Also with Baby Baby and Winter Sounds

Kelsey Waldon (with duo The DanBerrys) at The Basement. 9 pm. Pretty, coutry-folky.

– Married locals Jenny & Tyler are having a free CD release show tonight at Edgehill Cafe. 7:30p. Expect a sunnier take on a Swell Season type of situation.

Check out the video for Stone Jack Jones’ “Black Coal” here:

Update 5:15 pm.


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