Tonight, Tonight /// 3.28

Here’s a roundup of music happening tonight in the city of such things:

– Top Pick /// Dillon Hodges over at Billy Reid in Green Hills. 7 pm.

– Top Pick ///Tin Pan South writer round featuring Jason Isbell, Hayes Carll and Darrell Scott, at 3rd and Lindsley. 9 pm.

Top Pick /// Greg Garing‘s Music City Circus, upstairs at the Mad Donna loft. 10 pm.

I am the Avalanche and Hostage Calm, at Rocketown.

Don Pedigo at Tin Roof Nashville. 6 pm.

– Nashville’s Keirnan McMullan record release party, at the Basement.

– Horsemilk with Professor Smartypants, at the Family Wash.

Willie Guy, at 12th and Porter.

– Anna McGary and the Ladykillers, at Exit/In.

–  Rachael Hester & The Tennessee Walkers, The Don Kelley Band and The Travis Mann Ban, all at Roberts Western World.

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Marissa is the editor of Lockeland Springsteen.

One thought on “Tonight, Tonight /// 3.28

  1. Thanks for the plug! Just randomly ran across this. I have a lot of local shows in January. Maybe you can make one. I’m also preparing to release an album. Would you like to do a revue?

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