Hello /// Welcome to Lockeland Springsteen

Hello, and welcome to  Lockeland Springsteen. This is a blog dedicated to music here in Nashville, TN, run out of my lovely neighborhood of Lockeland Springs in East Nashville.

This is the best way to get to know me.

I used to live on the Lower East Side, in the city where I’m from (NYC). Here, I mistake birds for car alarms and still mispronounce every town and street. But that’s OK. I like it here. When I’m not running this blog, I’m writing for Filter, American Songwriter, Nashville Scene, Los Angeles Magazine, NYLON and quite a few other places. I’ve also been published in RollingStone.com, Spin.com, Alternative Press, Huffngton Post, Gotham, Hamptons, USA Today, Paste, TreeHugger, and SYFFAL.com. Alright. Glad that’s out of the way.

As this is a blog, it is likely to reflect my music tastes. Which is runs the gamut of the cliche local music lexicon: “a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll.” “Alt-country.” “Freak folk.” “Nashville garage.” All the words we hate to love and love to hate. Most importantly, it’s not one thing or another. It’s not anti-country or exclusively underground music. It’s biased to independent artists, sure, but also doesn’t believe that if something is on a major label it has sold its soul to the devil for a pretty iTunes page and a twinkie.

What this blog will strive to do is highlight the amazing artists we are lucky to live amongst here in Nashville. It will integrate their voices, too (be sure to check out Nashville Five, which will highlight the top spots of local musicians). Of course, we’ll preview shows, spotlight new acts and newsy music items and more.

Check back often as we get up and running – things will be a little slow and somewhat sloppy in the beginning. Some links might not work. Hopefully they won’t take you to a porn site in the meantime.

Follow us on Twitter. Send me anything you like. Most of all, this is still evolving so pretty please send comments and suggestions about what you want to see on this blog. We’ll listen.


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