Happenings /// Miss Nikki throws a party with Mhoo.

OK maybe they didn’t exactly throw a party together, but Mhoo showed up on Friday at Nikki Lane‘s High Class Hillbilly shindig, celebrating Nashville Fashion Week. Of course, no one really talked much about fashion week. Instead, JEFF the Brotherhood spun records, Nikki showed off a line of Bandit Brand t-shirts (they’re soft, small and say witty things) and a band from Norway showed up and whipped out their guitars and upright bass in the parking lot outside the store. Mhoo is blonde, barefoot and capable of producing both eerily skillful and unique harmonies. Nikki lead the party in a Bandit t-shirt and jean shorts (and then jeans, due to the fluctuating weather) straight off the High Class Hillbilly racks.

For more on Nikki, check out this brand new Attic Session, from War Memorial Auditorium:

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