Happenings Lockeland Lunchbreak

Happenings /// Our Holiday Party at the 5 Spot

Come celebrate the holidays with Cale Tyson, Blank Range, Boom Forest, The New Lonely...and us. And beer.


Hi friends,

I hope you plan on spending this evening with us at the 5 Spot, from 5-8. Not only us – four of our favorite bands/artists as well: Cale Tyson, Blank Range, Boom Forest, The New Lonely. And stuff to buy from Morally Good Vinyl, Electric Western, Worst Records, East Side Story and local folks we love. Cheap drinks. Free candycanes. Lovely conversation. And plenty of Jewish guilt to go around, because the gelt’s all gone.

Please find us (Marissa and Emily) so we can say thank you personally for all the support you’ve given us over the past year. If you’re lucky, Emily will even ash her cigarette on the floor nearby and we can all gather around it and pretend it’s snow. How festive, eh?

See you tonight.

– The Merry Ladies of Lockeland Springsteen



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