What’s Happening Tonight /// Ttotals, Vida Wakeman, Ponychase and more

Roots music at MD Loft, syth and shoegaze at the 5 Spot and twisted rock & roll at the Other Basement.


https://lockelandspringsteen.com/2013/03/22/whats-happening-this-weekend-in-nashville-jazz-is-dead-long-live-rock-and-roll/* Ttotals, Forwards Edwards and Paperhaus at the Other Basement ::: we’re a big fan of Ttotals, whose sound conjures up a new-age Jim Morrison if he lived through grunge, triphop and shoegaze and came out swinging. Listen here.

* Erin McDermott Band, Jhesi Boyer and Vida Wakeman and Friends at Mad Donna’s MD Loft ::: We love MD Loft, for reasons expressed here, for its curator, Terry, for it’s proximity to our headquarters, for the way it brings together all the best of East Nashville and beyond in a diehard community, and for the heavy pours of cheap (inexpensive, not trashy) whiskey. Come out tonight for this esteemed cast of local old time, bluegrass and roots players – including the talented Vida Wakeman, who you may know as half of the duo Jeff & Vida.

* Ponychase with Good Rester and Justin Clark at The 5 Spot ::: Let lovely, swirling electronic waves from Ponychase, with Good Rester’s synthpop and Justin Clark carry you into oblivion, or at least the roof of the 5 Spot.

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