What’s Happening Tonight /// Dirty Water : A Benefit for the Victims of the Boston Bombing

Show Beantown the love tonight in Nashville.

158020_619045241458322_335386264_nMost of you know me as a tried-and-true New Yorker (turned Nashvillian, of course), which I am, born and raised. But I did actually spend some of my formative years in Boston (Beacon and Exeter Street, just a couple blocks over from the Marathon finish line), living in the Back Bay with my mom and brother (my father and step-mother now live there, too). For most of 7th, 8th and 9th grade, before we moved back to New York City, I spent hours upon hours in the “pit” in Harvard Square with my friends, talking about music, going to the Garage to get pizza and just being young hoodlums of the best Boston variety; or in my friend Jane’s bedroom in the suburb of Waban, listening to Led Zepplin and Phish (oh, spare me the grief – at that time, it felt like everyone in Boston was listening to Phish). And my first concerts were in Boston – Green Day on the Esplanade, The Grateful Dead and Bob Dylan at Boston Garden. I did so much of my awkward growing up in Boston. It will always be a huge part of who I am and have a very special place in my heart. Which is why I think you ought to go to Dirty Water : A Benefit for the Victims of the Boston Bombing tonight at Mercy Lounge.

All proceeds, including those from a silent auction, will go to the One Fund, set up by Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick and Boston Mayor Thomas Menino. The lineup will include local bands playing tribute to Beantown’s finest, Mission of Burma and Letters to Cleo, plus some talk of New Kids on the Block karaoke…

As far as we’re concerned, it’s the only place you should be tonight.

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