What’s Happening Tonight /// Dick Dale with Repeat Repeat, The Men with Diarrhea Planet & The Weeks at Grimey’s

Surf rock and Brooklyn punk, tonight in Nashville.

“Kids called it Surf music. I didn’t call it that. The kids called me King of the Surf Guitar. I surfed sun up to sun down. I don’t claim to be a musician, I didn’t go to Julliard. I’m into just chopping, chopping at 60 gauge, 50 gauge strings. That’s the sound, the sound of the waves chopping. The Surfing sound is not the reverb. … So when historians, so called historians, say the reverb’s the Surf sound…they don’t know what they’re talking about. It’s the heavy machine gun, staccato sound. The waves.”

Emily’s Pick :::

images* Dick Dale with Repeat Repeat at Mercy Lounge ::: Summer is fast approaching, and while the overcast skies and flash flood warnings in Nashville might not reflect the forecasted warmth of the upcoming season, Dick Dale‘s appearance at Mercy Lounge will step in as its harbinger. As the legendary king of surf rock, Dale is infamous for his sonic, wet staccato-style; he emulates the sounds of high tides and oceanic breezes with a precision that inspired some of the greatest guitarists of the 20th century.

Repeat Repeat is a local surf-rock band, fronted by Jared Corder, a name you might associate with the local music festival, East Nashville Underground. Corder’s understanding of good music is two-fold; not only does he produce solid festival line-ups, his band reflects an individual style with strong instrumental prowess. I’ll be there to see both the up and coming Repeat Repeat, as well as the legendary Dale.

Marissa’s Picks :::

men3* The Men w/Diarrhea Planet at the Stone Fox ::: Punk born in Brooklyn clearly has a special place in our hearts; particularly now, as most original vehicles for it in Manhattan are all but dried-up-vestiges of their former selves (or fancied-up, in the case of the now-John Varvatos-formerly-CBGB’s). The Men draw from the restlessly composed riffs of Fugazi layered with the laid-back, trippy ease of the Velvet Underground, modernizing both with little fear of cleaner or even rootsier guitar. Playing with LS favorites Diarrhea Planet, this is where I’ll be, relishing in punk sounds from both my former home and present life.

* The Weeks at Grimey’s ::: If you happened to have missed The Weeks’ record release show on Friday, here’s your opportunity to catch a free set at 6 p.m. – and, being a good Samaritan and all, buy their LP. Stop by, grab some dinner at the Smiling Elephant and then head over to the Stone Fox. Don’t mind if I do.

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