What’s Happening Tonight /// Weekend Edition

A packed Friday in town followed by an even-more-packed Record Store Day saturday. Fuel up, Nashville.


Friday :::

2011_07_the_features* The Features, Odessa Rose, Nikki Lane & Andrew Combs at Mercy Lounge ::: Great free music, models and footwear. Can’t go wrong, we suppose.

* Phantom Farmer record release w/ Cale Tyson at the Stone Fox ::: songwriter, humanitarian, Southern folkist.

* Diamond Carter’s Artist of the Week show at Soulshine Pizza.

* Mean Jeans with Hollywood, Ben Spinks Supermelt and No Regrets Coyote at the End.

* Aussie Songwriter Night with Phil Barton, Chris Altmann and Emma Swift.

* Pre-Record Store Day Soiree w/Justin Kalk Orchestra, Grandpa’s Stash featuring Ethan Ballinger and Dr. Jungle Cat at the Basement.

Saturday :::

Print* Record Store Day ::: everywhere to go, see, do and buy right here.

* The Django Riders at The MD Music Loft.

* Rites of Spring at Vanderbilt ::: go for Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors, The Apache Relay and Delta Spirit.

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