What’s Happening Tonight /// Kim Logan, Kelsey Waldon, Music City Roots with Andrew Combs + Andrew Leahey and more

So many of our favorites tonight in Nashville: Kim and Kelsey, Andrew and Andrew and many more. How do you choose? Roll the dice...



Kim Logan - Kim Logan* Kim Logan at the Stone Fox ::: catch the talented Ms. Logan in one of her last shows for a while, with Christopher Wild. Her unique interpretation of dirty blues, classic country and rock ‘n’ roll mix is not to be missed. Kim is also playing tonight at Belmont at 5:30 p.m., on the roof of Ocean Way.

* Music City Roots featuring Andrew Combs, Andrew Leahey and the Homestead, Allen Thompson, Sweethearts of the Rodeo, and Joe Mullins & the Radio Ramblers at the Loveless Barn::: head out the way of the Natchez for two of our favorite Andrews and a night of quintessential Nashville music. And chicken, naturally.

Cause a Scene presents Lulu Mae, The Local Strangers, Jesse Lafser in Sylvan Park (3808 Elkins Avenue) ::: Another fun one from the folks at Cause a Scene. Tickets.

* Kelsey Waldon and Laura Cortese at the Basement ::: You may have seen Kelsey Waldon in her Cabin Country video featured here – which, if you haven’t watched, is a must-see. And you can catch her sweet folk-country tunes tonight at the Basement, and grab her EP here. We’re big fans of her old-school southern style done with modern hand, that is as equally informed by Townes Van Zandt and Guy Clark as it is by the classic ladies of country. With Laura Cortese, who is celebrating her record release.



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