What’s Happening Tonight /// Cold War Kids + Houses at Cannery, Wavves + Fidlar at Mercy and more

All the action's on Cannery Row tonight.


cold-war-kids* Cold War Kids w/ Houses at Cannery Ballroom ::: Cold War Kids is one of those bands who underscore the connection between most Millennials with a penchant for indie music and bluesy interjections. Originally from Long Beach, CA, it’s difficult to frequent a group of people who haven’t at least heard of the group, if not listened to one of their albums. Their sound resurrects the gospels of rock n’ roll, combining with the anecdotal lyrics of a second-millenium blues.

Houses, a native-Chicago duo, occupies a more ethereal headspace, with songs like “Endless Spring” existing as impressionistic sketches, filled in through the listener’s own reactions. It’s a project that I appreciate, as someone who lives permanently in some airy and cerebral glow that Houses emulates.

Cameron and I will be there tomorrow to check it out; as always, find me, and I’ll be you a drink.

wavves* Wavves w/ Fidlar and The Cheatahs at Mercy Lounge ::: If any band could give me a strange little click of nostalgia, mixed with only positive memories, it would be Wavves. I remember vividly the first time I heard them; I  was lying on a cat-scratched couch inside my friend’s bright blue-walled apartment in Baltimore. I spent most of my days here chain smoking, working my way into a cliched introspection, and he spent his time sitting across from me, bumming 27’s and un-ironically reading Pitchfork for hours on end. I guess the band of the day was “Wavves,” because he prodded me to listen to their album, and after a few run-throughs, “Green Eyes” became our Baltimore anthem; it possessed the light-hearted surfer-sound that collides perfectly with the attitude of nonchalance and uncertainty my friend and I had learned to possess.

Luckily, they are playing at Mercy Lounge, so I’ll make sure to sneak out of Cannery Ballroom for just a minute to hear “Green Eyes,” and return to those sweet, limber years when being a confused cliche didn’t come with the onus of tax returns. Marissa will be at this one.

* State Champion w/Animal City, BULLY at the Stone Fox

* Keeps @ 3rd and Lindsley w/ Diamond Carter, and Thad Kopec at 3rd and Lindsley

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