What’s Happening Tonight /// Luke Winslow-King + Courtney Jaye, Cale Tyson + Derek Hoke, Levi Weaver + more

When pre-war jazz, Townes Van Zandt and Hawaii are the influences on today's artists, you know it'll be a good night for music in Nashville.

“You will miss sunrise if you close your eyes; that would break my heart in two.”

artist_main_lwk* Exit/In Luke Winslow-King w/ Courtney Jaye ::: taking influence from jazz, folk and pre-war blues, Luke Winslow-King‘s unique, sound is stirring, unique and awakening. Alongside the tropical stylings (and killer pipes) of local Courtney Jaye, you’ve got one hell of an evening. Get to know Courtney here through one of our all-time-favorite Nashville Five’s. 8:00 PM. Tix.

* Cale Tyson w/Heidi Feek and Derek Hoke ::: Three favorites, one room. Get to know Cale here and Derek here. 9:00 p.m. Emily will tell you why you need to listen to Cale, and Cale will tell you why you need to listen to one of his idols, Townes Van Zandt. This will tell you about Heidi. And I’ll tell you that this will be a great night of local music.

* Levi Weaver (Neoteric Nashville Presents: Songwriter Solace featuring JD Shanks, Levi Weaver, Deli, Kirabelle Frabotta) at 12th and Porter ::: Levi Weaver is a fine Nashville-based singer-songwriter who’s spent the bulk of his adult life traveling for his music, including dates with Kid Beyond and Imogen Heap and blogging along the way. You can listen to his record The Letters of Dr. Kurt Gödel here, as well as his recent EP, I Am Only a Tiny Noise here. My current favorite is the simple but striking love song “Dark Clay,” with the lyric “I’m the kind of scene no one should ever want to paint/but you find a way to love me anyway.” Get to know him more here.

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