What’s Happening Tonight /// The Breedings at MD Loft, Gavin Shea at Tin Roof, Hans Chew at Stone Fox and more

breedings-29An ears-drunk Happy Hour from the Breedings and Shea on a hot Tin Roof.

* The Breedings at Mad Donnas ::: The Breedings are a brother-sister duo (for real – not in the White Stripes sense), comprising singer/songwriter Willie Breeding and his sister, Erin. Though originally from Lexington, KY with stops in Boston and Brooklyn, they recently moved to Nashville, where they recorded their debut LP, Laughing at Luck. What you get is a sound that fuses Erin’s southern-Stevie-Nicks-inspired pipes with her brother’s soft, emotional tone and locomotive songs with plenty of rock sensibilities (and from their harmonies, you have to imagine they got along as kids rather than punch each other in the stomach). Listen to their tune “Laughing at Luck” here, and catch them live at Mad Donna’s MD Loft today for the perfect after-work happy hour. 6. p.m. And check out their Nashville Five.

* On Tap Featuring Gavin Shea, Shane Piasecki, and Bashly at Tin Roof::: I think yoou know how we feel about Gavin Shea. 8 p.m..

* Hans Chew & Promised Land at the Stone Fox.

* White Mystery w/ Fancytramp, Tipper Whore & Bully at Exit/In.


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