What’s Happening tonight /// The So So Glos and Diarrhea Planet at the Stone Fox, Shannon Whitworth at Music City Roots and more

420448_10151219838979738_822926470_nDo you want your ears crunched or softly serenaded? The choice is yours.

* Diarrhea Planet with The So So Glos No Regrets Coyote and Blank Range at the Stone Fox. ::: God, I love Diarrhea Planet. I don’t even care that if you don’t hear the last word in that sentence, since you might think something else less…savory. But I do. Here’s what I once said about these guys in the Nashville Scene  ::: “Diarrhea Planet doesn’t try to sound pretty, but they do crank out loud, crunched-up, borderline ambient punk-rock anthems that once would have seemed more at home at L.A.’s The Smell alongside No Age and Abe Vigoda than in Nashville. But thank heavens they’re here instead. The six-piece Infinity Cat outfit (which once included Evan P. Donohue) actually boasts four — yes, four — guitarists. Now that’s something we haven’t seen since high school, where that kind of thing worked because your mom told you so after the recital. With Diarrhea Planet, it’s fun as hell live and never loses a battle. Yeah, I said it: Diarrhea is fun as hell.” (source)

But today, we are perhaps most excited about Brooklyn’s The So So Glos – not only because we love their un-fucked-with rock n’ roll sound with a punk-pare-down that reminds us of dirty summers on the Lower East Side – but because they are stopping by Lockeland Springsteen HQ today to film an acoustic video session (coming to the site for your very eyes soon). Playing with locals No Regrets Coyote, you’ve got yourself a killer bill. Don’t miss it. 9.p.m.

* Music City Roots at the Loveless Cafe, with Shannon Whitworth (look for her Nashville Five today), Lockeland Springsteen favorites Great Peacock, Altan, Derek Holmes, and Keller Williams and The Travelin’ McCourys. 7 p.m.

* Goodbye June with Jonathan Sexton at the Basement. 9 p.m.

* Don’t feel like leaving the East Side? You’ll never go wrong at the 5 Spot’s weekly Old Time Jam.


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