What’s Happening Tonight /// Ana Popovic at Mercy

64844_10152617339965023_429006964_nOh my god, did you know girls can play guitar?

I’ll never forget the one time Paste did a roundup of the Best Female Guitarists – not just guitarists in general, but female ones, as if the modifier of “female” was something particularly extraordinary, and that those feeble creatures who actually were able to wrap their tiny fingers around a neck of a Fender deserved their own subcategory (and then there is the major music magazine that routinely does a “Women in Rock” issue, yet has no women actually write for said issue, or any issue, for that matter). Go figure.

Ana Popovic is a guitar player, and a pop-blues artist, and also happens to be a woman. But her talents should not be judged by her chromosomes alone – she was once called the reincarnation of Jimi Hendrix. Go see her not for the novelty of watching a woman with serious chops, but for seeing innate musicianship on clear display; a person who cleverly interprets songs in the way only she can.

Playing Mercy tonight with The Steepwater Band.


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