What’s Happening Tonight /// John Cowan Band at Music City Roots, Sam Hunter & the Two Tones at the Listening Room


It’s a bird and banjos kind of night.

Marissa :::

When I lived in Los Angeles, everyone had their own mental cutoff in terms of how far they’d drive. That meant my friends from Venice would almost never join me at punk shows at Downtown L.A’s The Smell, and Echo Park friends refused to make the trek (8 miles, maybe?) to Santa Monica to lay down a beach towel and relax on the sand. Nashvillians are not so regimented about driving – and I know a great many people who don’t think twice about driving out to the Loveless Cafe once a week for regular visits to the reliably excellent Music City Roots. Tonight you can catch The John Cowan Band, who is known as the “Voice of Newgrass,” plow through an electric set closer. And you can eat fried chicken. Can’t beat bird and banjos.

Emily :::

For something else ocally grown, visit the Listening Room Cafe to see Sam Hunter and The Two Tones tonight at 8pm. Besides his charming attire and bowling shoes, Sam Hunter sings the best version of “Me and Mrs. Jones” I’ve heard live. Their original music harks back to a happier generation, and the band is strong and soulful in their musicianship. They remind me of a 1950’s drive-thru theater with buttered popcorn and Henry Winkler, an experience I swear I remember from a past life. I guarantee their performance will raise your endorphin level by two-hundred percent.

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